Assocasa (National Association of Detergents and Specialties for industry and home care), established in 1984 within Federchimica, represents about 100 national and multinational companies operating in Italy, with a total turnover exceeding 3 billion euro.

The Association represents a reference point for the coordination of the sector’s activities and the promotion of its development capabilities, with the primary aim to reconcile the needs of consumers with the requirements for economic and industrial growth  of its member companies.

Assocasa’s activities comprise studies and seminars on specific subjects, realised also in cooperation with major Universities, Public Organisations and consumer organisations. Some relevant initiatives should be pointed out in this respect, carried out in cooperation with scientific and academic institutions of national relevance, the Poison Centres of Milan and Rome, for the activities of professional updating addressed to medical personnel on the toxicological characteristics of various household products.

Assocasa represents two sectors: I&I sector (Industrial and Institutional) and Consumer products sector. Products represented are: detergents (hard-surfaces, fabrics, dish-washing, etc), soaps and washing aids (softeners, chemical bleaches, starch and ironing aids, etc), maintenance products (shoes and leather, air fresheners, stain removers, household colouring, ecc), disinfestants (insecticides, mothproof products, rodenticides, etc).

Aims of the Association

  • dealing with topics of specific interests for the sector
  • technical-economical assistance to member companies
  • image protection of the sector

The objectives of the Association are:

  • to promote initiatives in the interest of member companies, according to the current national and european legislations
  • to represent the interest of member  companies at any level
  • to promote scientific and technological progress,  and environmental protection
  • to maintain discipline and constant surveillance so that companies act in accordance with the ethics and objectives of the association



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